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Golf Mk4 R32 spare part highlights

Unlike in 2022, summer 20 years ago was completely rained out. But there was a real ray of hope in the late summer of 2002, especially for all performance-hungry Volkswagen fans: with the Golf R32, the brand launched the fastest and most powerful Golf of all time onto the market. The "R" stood for racing, the "32" for 3.2 litres of displacement, the VR6 engine for power in any situation and a great sound from the double-flow exhaust system. 177 kW or 241 hp, from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds and a top speed of 247 km/h – the R32 not only rounded out the model range, it also set a sporting monument to the Golf Mk4 which was about to be replaced. 

A Golf in sheep's clothing

A sports car with a Golf look? In any case, the R32 offers everyday usability and agility all in one. It is clearly a Golf, but a very special one. Because it is not just the distinctive spoiler bumper at the front, the rear apron or the side skirts that distinguish the R32 from its "normal" siblings. It is the overall package that makes it the "Über-Golf": the OZ Aristo alloy wheels in 7.5 x 18" with 225/40 tyres, the sports suspension lowered by 20 mm, the blue brake calipers for the internally ventilated discs (334 front and 256 rear) and the 4MOTION all-wheel drive system on the technical side. Inside, the König sports seats, the three-spoke leather steering wheel with recessed grips and an R32 emblem, the door sills and trims in brushed aluminium and, of course, the R style pedal caps make it clear that the R32 has been designed with an eye to detail. Even floor mats and key rings with the R32 logo are standard equipment.

Short-lived as a new car, but a long-term classic

Just over a year was enough to make the R32 a legend. Already in the autumn of 2003 the Golf Mk5 replaced its ancestor. By that point, the originally planned R32 special series of 5,000 models had to be more than doubled – ultimately around 12,000 Golf Mk4 R32 were built. But with a total production of over four million Golf Mk4, it is not surprising that the R32, as the flagship of the series, has quickly become a sought-after rarity. Comparisons to the sporty top models of the previous Golf generations are obvious – after all, the Golf Mk1 GTI "Pirelli" or the Golf Mk2 GTI G60 also came onto the market shortly before the end of their respective model cycles and were built in relatively small quantities. They have long been celebrated classics and the R32 has also had a strong community behind it for years. Volkswagen Classic Parts supports the R32 fans with the right spare parts supply – because we started new production of particularly sought-after R32 parts early on. So that the legend lives on and drives on.

The next classic caR: the Golf Mk5 R32

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