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Reproductions for the Golf Mk4 R32: a powerful commitment to a powerful Golf

When it was launched on the market in summer 2002, it was the most powerful and fastest Golf of all time: the R32. With it, Volkswagen once again made a real exclamation point shortly before the end of production of the fourth Golf generation: 3.2 litres of displacement, six cylinders, 241 hp and a top speed of 247 km/h. 320 Newton metres of maximum torque, brought to the road optimally by 4MOTION all-wheel drive. All of this packed into a body that made it clear that the new top Golf was rolling in, with huge front and rear skirts, sill extensions and 7.5 J x 18" aluminium rims.

Volkswagen Classic Parts - Golf 4 und 5 R32

The first reproductions for the Golf Mk4 R32

Volkswagen offered the Golf Mk4 R32 for only about a year before the Golf Mk5 was launched in autumn 2003. Original vehicles are, therefore, already rare and sought-after. This means that everything points to the R32 becoming one of the ultimate Volkswagen classics of the 2000s. Volkswagen Classic Parts has recognised the signs of the times. We are already committed to ensuring a reliable parts supply for this model. We have had the first new products for the R32 in our range since 2016 and would like to present them to you here.

The R32 badge

The characteristic R32 emblem for mounting on the tailgate and/or engine cover. The original manufacturer has started up the machines again exclusively for us. Because only the logo can make the R32 complete!

The R32 aluminium-look door sill trims

They make it clear as soon as you get in that you are sitting in the driver's seat of the top model: the protective film for the sill with R32 logo. Thanks to them, even your passenger will know straight away that you are travelling in a very special Golf. Many specimens have suffered from unsightly signs of wear and tear from years of getting in and out of the car. With our new production of the door sill protection films, the sporty and elegant look of a new car is now back.

The R32 textile floor mats

Actually, they're much too beautiful to trample underfoot: the original floor mats for the Golf R32. Unfortunately, wear and tear is almost unavoidable here – which is why we have reissued the textile floor mats with the typical R logo. Of course, they come in the original quality and from the original manufacturer. The floor mats are available as a set of four in black or flannel grey and for left or right-hand drive. 

The R32 bumper panels

Visually, the R32 really flexes its muscles, for example, with its emphatically sporty skirts at the front and rear. Of course, we also want to offer these striking components sustainably and in original quality. That's why we had the front and rear bumper panels manufactured by the original supplier on the original production facilities. 

Volkswagen Classic Parts - Golf 4 und 5 R32

Highlights for the Golf Mk4 and Mk5 R32

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