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“The ideal compromise between camper and offroader”: Christine and Lukas love exploring rough ground with their T4 syncro


Volkswagen T4 syncro | 1995
Christine und Lukas, 28 years

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"Buy a car, ideally with four-wheel drive, chuck a mattress in the back and off you go!” – This advice from a friend was where it all started. Not long afterwards, Christine and Lukas found a T4 syncro, transformed it into a camper themselves, and documented the renovation on Instagram. What the pair love most is travelling off-road to discover the world.

Tell us about yourselves.

We are Christine and Lukas and we love off-road trips with our T4 syncro called ‘Hugo’, which we renovated ourselves. We are both 28 years old and discovered our passion for driving off paved roads during a three-month break in Morocco. Our Instagram profile “boden.freiheit” shows our little adventures. Since then, we have explored Albania, Sardinia and the Western Alps with Hugo, and can’t wait for more off-road adventures.

What has been your best experience with the T4?

One of the best experiences was driving through the deserts of Morocco. Convincing nomads and other travellers that we would be able to get through even without a “real off-road vehicle”. Winding down in the evening under the palm groves, with a camp fire under the most beautiful starry sky in the world – moments like that are priceless and fill our lives with joy. Hugo has made so many experiences truly special to us.

Why do you love your T4? Why is the T4 your ideal travel companion?

The T4 syncro is the ideal compromise between a camper and an offroader. It is a reliable companion and the price won us over at the time as well. It has a pleasant size and even I (Christine) feel confident enough to drive it to work and park. Hugo has enough space for two people, which is important in bad weather in particular. Sometimes we really put our synchro through its paces on holiday, trying to make the impossible possible. We often succeed, and we love seeing the faces of people who so often underestimate the vehicle. There are also a huge number of spare parts and an enormous community. We would buy a VW bus like this again any time.