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Five in a T4: van life, family and everyday life with the California


Volkswagen T4 California Advantage | 2000
Inga, Stephen, Matti, Lauri & Balou the dog

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As a family car, the T4 is the ideal classic for every day. That is also the view of Inga and Stephen, who made their dream of their own VW bus come true after their wedding in Summer 2018. Their dog and two young sons complete the bus.bande. The family of five love to go on tour together and enjoy every excursion with their “Hotel California”.

Tell us about yourselves.

We are Inga, Stephen, Matti, Lauri and Balou the dog – a family of five from the peaceful little town of Lippstadt, in the heart of Westfalia. We love to travel. The two of us always enjoyed travelling a lot, even before we had the boys. From city trips to mountain bike tours and long-distance travel, we never spent much time at home. When we got married in May 2018, we didn’t do on honeymoon, but instead bought a T4 California Advantage, fulfilling a lifelong dream. “Better lots of little trips than one big one” is our philosophy.

What has been your best experience with the T4?

It’s impossible to describe a single experience. There have been so many wonderful experiences with the T4: winter camping in the Sauerland at minus 14 degrees, the trip to Switzerland with all the narrow, winding mountain roads, or the short visit to Holland. One highlight was definitely our tour through Scotland and Ireland. We spent four weeks travelling the coast with our T4, visiting places that we probably never would have seen without our Cali. It brought us reliably to the most remote places and tackled even the narrowest of passages with aplomb. We had everything we needed, and the trip holds many happy memories for us.

Why do you love your T4?

For us, the California is the ideal family van. It is perfectly proportioned and set up so that we can spend several weeks’ holiday in it, but is still as agile as a normal car. Its small size makes it incredibly flexible – we can visit the most remote places but also take a city trip and have no trouble finding a parking space. Every detail of the interior is ingenious and well thought out. Our car is transformed into a home on wheels in seconds, with space for four people (and a dog) to live and sleep. “Get in, set off, be happy” is how we would describe it. Being so close to nature and able to wake up somewhere new every day is an amazing feeling. The T4 California is just perfect for us as a family.

Why is the T4 your ideal travel companion?

The T4 California was the best decision we could have made. What better way to show your children the world than on four wheels, with your own little home always with you? We cannot imagine anything better and love taking even the shortest of trips.