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How do I search for an item?

You will find a search field in the header on all of the pages in our online shop. If you want to search for a specific item, enter a term or a part number in the search field and start the search by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol. You also have the option of selecting your desired vehicle on the start page via the "Spare Parts" tab. This will take you to the respective vehicle category and you can browse through the entire range of spare parts for that model or narrow down the selection using various filter options. For vehicles built from 1998 onwards, you can also search for the chassis number, which provides you with search results that match your vehicle.

How can I reserve an item for a later order?

If you are logged in, you can add an item to your wish list by clicking on the heart symbol that you see to the right of the shopping cart button. You can call up your wish list at any time by clicking on the heart symbol in the header of the on-line shop, which is located between the search field and the customer account. Alternatively, you can also access your wish list by navigating in your customer account. You can move the items from your wish list to the shopping cart if you would like to order them.

Are there any shipping charges for my order?

In principle, yes. The amount of the shipping costs depends on the delivery address (country) and the shipping category (parcel shipping, bulky goods or forwarding agent delivery). You can find information about the shipping category of an item in the delivery information below the product details. The amount of the shipping costs can be viewed on the Payment and Delivery Information page. You can also use the shipping cost calculation in the shopping cart.

If you order several items from different shipping categories, the costs of the most expensive shipping category included will be charged for the entire order. Example: If you order nine items from the "Parcel" shipping category and one item from the "Bulky" shipping category, the shipping costs for the "Bulky" category are payable once for your entire order.  

How does the model search work?

You can reach the vehicle categories via the "Spare Parts" tab on our home page. Within the vehicle categories, you can use the filter options "Model selection", "Model generation", "Model year" and "Specification" to limit the selection of parts. For vehicles built from 1998 onwards, you can also use the optional search based on the chassis number, which provides you with search results that are precisely tailored to your vehicle. You can use the "main category" and "sub-category" filters to refine your search.

Which levels of quality are there in our parts, how are they identified?

Genuine Volkswagen Quality

Original is optimal – that's why over 90% of our range are former Volkswagen Original parts. They were manufactured and tested according to the strict Volkswagen quality specifications. Identification features are, for example, the embossed VW logo, the part number or, of course, the nostalgic original packaging. Some classic car enthusiasts also speak of “New Old Stock” or “NOS parts” in this context, which come from old stock that has never been installed.

Genuine Reproduction Quality

So that your classic stays in top form, we have spare parts that are particularly in demand that are produced from scratch. In the original quality, of course, because our suppliers manufacture strictly according to factory specifications. In many cases, even on the original systems. This means that we can now offer thousands of parts in their original quality once more.

Original Equipment Quality

For wearing parts in particular, such as toothed and V-belts or brake system components, we supplement our range with parts from proven suppliers who were original equipment manufacturers or who still are today. They are also known as OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Since these spare parts are subject to strict quality controls, we deliberately deliver them in their manufacturer's original packaging.

Aftermarket Quality

Even if spare parts are no longer available in original or OEM quality, we don't want to leave our customers out in the rain. In such cases we offer the best quality available on the market. We honestly and transparently ship these parts in the manufacturer's original packaging.

Where can I find the milling code for my item?

If you disassemble the door handle, you will find the key code on the back after you clean the handle.

Where can I find the gearbox code?

The gearbox code can usually be found together with the gearbox number on the gearbox housing, the clutch housing or the axle housing. For vehicles from model year 1981 onwards you can also find the code letters on the vehicle data carrier in the service book or in the vehicle. You can find further information here.

Where can I find the engine code and engine number?

The engine code is usually located on the cylinder block together with the engine number. For vehicles from model year 1981 onwards you can also find this information on the vehicle data carrier in the service book or in the vehicle. You can find further information here.

When buying a replacement part, do I always have to return an old part?

At Volkswagen Classic Parts it is only necessary to return an old part if a deposit was charged when the replacement part was purchased. Please check your delivery note or your invoice.

Where do I send the old part to?

You will find the address on the return slip that you will receive from us. Please only send used parts to this address using the return form.

What happens in the event of a cancellation?

In the event of a cancelled order or if an item cannot be delivered, the amount will be refunded immediately.



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