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Moves generations - The Golf since 1974.

A classic and its jubelee.

The Golf moves generations since 1974 on our streets and in our hearts. We celebrate a special Birthday of the Volkswagen Golf. He is and was the number one for millions in five decades.  We hold many spare parts for the Golf up to the Mk5. Each generation has its own special features and stories - we're telling some of them to mark the anniversary.

Spare part highlights of 50 years Golf:

Golf Mk1: 1974 - 1983

With a water cooled engine and front-wheel drive the Golf came with a complete new concept for Volkswagen in the 70s. The disign, a 1.1-liter engine (50 bhp), less weight than the Beetle and a total length of 370 cm this compact car was just what the people wanted. The standart Golf was an immediate success and the begin of an era. Later the Pirelli GTI, Rabbit or Golf Convertible became a cult. 

To mark the anniversary, we have put together lots of facts and stories, our Classic Stories video series with an exciting expert talk and special spare parts highlights for you. A look at 50 years of the Golf 1 that is well worth it!

At a glance: Five generation Golf.

Everything for the Golf: Parts, Stories and Types

Our magazine is not only for the mechanics in our community! All Volkswagen enthusiasts will love reading about our special stories. Its about curious things, entertainment and general information. In short: about parts, types and stories. We do know what we write about. For this jubilee there is so much to find about the Golf: