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Long live the Beetle: classic wings, newly manufactured.

Even 40 years after the last Beetle convertible rolled off the production line, the iconic design has still lost nothing in terms of the ease and joie de vivre it brings. And nothing is going to change in this respect in the future, either. Therefore, we not only supply friends of the Beetle with well-preserved, classic spare parts, but we also manufacture them ourselves: Since 2018, we have made it our goal to again produce Beetle body parts, and to professionally maintain the associated production machinery.

Volkswagen Classic Parts - Käfer Kotflügel in Original Volkswagen Qualität

Tradition revived

We have managed – together with Volkswagen dé Mexico – to carefully restore the original tools used for the wing presses. Following a successful start in late 2018 with the left rear wing, the restoration of the tool for the right rear wing was undertaken. The classically produced Beetle wings are now helping some Beetles to reach new heights, as the Beetle owners can be sure that the newly manufactured parts are of original quality.

Robust parts, carefully moulded

Volkswagen Classic Parts - Käfer Kotflügel in Original Volkswagen Qualität

The rear wings of the Beetle are produced in Mexico according to the original specifications. In other words: Using the original tools, sheets of the same material quality are pressed, and KTL-coated in accordance with the series standards – ensuring optimal corrosion protection as well as high resistance to weathering. The precisely-fitting and stable wings have an optimum surface quality, such that paint can be applied directly to them.

The way to a new wing

Volkswagen Classic Parts - Käfer Kotflügel in Original Volkswagen Qualität

We sell the wings in our online shop, and send them in high-quality packaging, including protection against moisture and transport damage. The wings can be fitted easily and without the need for finishing work – as shown by our employee Andreas Meyer in the following video montage:

Order the Beetle wing now: