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Philosophy & Mission

The history of Volkswagen Classic Parts

The Volkswagen Classic Parts product line was introduced in 1997. The concept of a dedicated service providing spare parts which were no longer available from Volkswagen partners for classic Volkswagen cars was born in the mid 1990s. In 1995 the Volkswagen AutoMuseum Foundation took over a Volkswagen importer's inventory of spare parts and started to build up a stock of parts for vintage cars built by Volkswagen. The range was continuously expanded, and discontinued parts were added on a regular basis. This project by the AutoMuseum gave rise to the Classic Parts Centre on 1 October 1997. An independent subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, the company then began the professional sale of Volkswagen Classic Parts.

Project: Used parts recycling

From 1998 to 2000 a project to recover used parts was introduced and the Logistics division restructured; two new external warehouses with plenty of capacity were opened. In 2001, the spare parts business and the order picking warehouse moved to more spacious premises. Since then, Volkswagen Classic Parts has been located in a building steeped in tradition belonging to a former Volkswagen partner organisation in the Detmerode district of Wolfsburg. Over twenty employees were now dedicated to supplying vintage cars with spare parts.

Partnerships and digital business segments

The business has been reorganised from 2010 on with the opening of regional Classic Competence centres and the development of an online shop. Activities to reproduce spare parts and use international procurement and sales channels haven been further intensified, too. Due to this expansion, a reconstruction of the company’s headquarters was necessary in 2012. The new office building was inaugurated in 2013 and accommodates about 50 employees by now.

From Wolfsburg for the whole world

Volkswagen Classic Parts plays a vital role in keeping Volkswagen product history alive, not only in Wolfsburg, but throughout the world, in close collaboration with Volkswagen Classic, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Oldtimer, the Volkswagen AutoMuseum Foundation, the Corporate History Department and the Autostadt's ZeitHaus museum.

The company: Volkswagen Classic Parts