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About us

With original Volkswagen Classic Parts, your Volkswagen still remains all-original when it's getting on a bit, as we stock spare parts for our older and classic models even more than fifteen years after we've stopped producing a range. We are passionate about this, because for us, every classic Volkswagen is proof of the fact that our vehicles are long-lasting and retain their value. From the 1950s Beetle to the New Beetle built in the 2000s: with original Volkswagen Classic Parts, older as well as not-so-old classics and daily drivers stay in good shape.

A Volkswagen is a Volkswagen

We currently stock an extensive range of around 60,000 individual spare parts for you, and their number is constantly growing. Not only do we acquire old stocks of new parts from Volkswagen importers and Volkswagen dealers all over the world; we also commission OEM quality reproductions of spare parts for which there is a particularly high demand that are often even made by the original supplier using the original equipment. For us at Volkswagen Classic Parts, spare parts from a 3D printer are also no longer a vision of the future but already the reality. We make good use of our access to the thousands of original drawings in the factory archives and the Volkswagen Group's testing facilities to be able to also guarantee 100% Volkswagen quality for our newly manufactured parts.

The future needs tradition

However, our unique products are not the only thing we share with customers from all over the world. We also share a common philosophy and passion. We're about more than spare parts, because for us, a classic Volkswagen is not just a vehicle. It is a car with a soul. One that deserves our full attention and passionate devotion. This passion is what drives us – and has driven us in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

How everything started

For the past more than twenty years, the Volkswagen Group has been offering a spare parts supply tailor-made especially for older models in the form of the product line Volkswagen Classic Parts. The idea for setting up a professional spare parts service for classic Volkswagen brand vehicles to sell spare parts that were no longer available from the Volkswagen partners was developed in the mid-1990s. In 1995, the AutoMuseum acquired a quantity of spare parts from a Volkswagen importer that would become the basis for a stock of spare parts for classic Volkswagen vehicles. The range was consistently increased through the purchase of left-over stocks from dealers and importers, as well as the regular acquisition of parts from the Volkswagen OEM parts range that were no longer being produced. These activities by the Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen foundation led to the establishment of the Classic Parts Center on 1 October 1997. As an independent Volkswagen Group subsidiary, the Weser-Ems Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH handled the professional selling of the original Volkswagen Classic Parts from that date onwards.

Growth in the new millennium

The logistics area was restructured at the beginning of the new millennium; two new external large-capacity warehouses were added. In 2001, the spare parts service as well as the picking warehouse moved to larger business premises. Volkswagen Classic Parts has operated from the site of a former Volkswagen partner company with a long tradition in the Wolfsburg district of Detmerode ever since. By the end of the decade, a workforce of over twenty people dedicated themselves passionately to the issue of supplying classic vehicles with spare parts.

Increase of sales channels

In 2010, the business was restructured with the opening of regional Classic Competence Centers and the launch of the online shop. The spare parts reproduction activities and the utilisation of international sourcing and sales channels were intensified further. In parallel, it was possible to optimise the logistics once again with the acquisition of two new, more efficient warehouses in order to be able to handle the increased number of goods in and out. From the summer of 2012 onwards, the conversion and extension of the previously occupied premises reflected the positive development of the business, which moved into a new office building at the old site in Wolfsburg-Detmerode that offers enough space for a 60-strong workforce in 2013.

Strengthening partnerships

In close cooperation with Volkswagen Classic, Volkswagen Classic Commercial Vehicles, the Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen foundation, the historic advertisements department and the ZeitHaus museum in the Autostadt, Volkswagen Classic Parts actively contributes to the upkeep of classic Volkswagen products - not only in Wolfsburg but all over the world. We make sure that your Volkswagen from yesterday will still run tomorrow.

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