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Touran spare part highlights

Still a big player in everyday life: 20 years of the Touran.

Flexible space without compromising on comfort at a fair price: the Volkswagen Touran has been the everyday hero in the compact van segment since 2003. True to the motto "load up and go", the Touran Mk1 still accompanies us in many situations in life - with child and children or a handful of buddies on board. Room for up to seven passengers or almost 2,000 liters of cargo? The VW Touran is equally suitable for families and hauliers. Because this compact van is one thing above all: versatile.

Even after 20 years, the Touran shows greatness in everyday life. That's why we at Volkswagen Classic Parts take care of the spare parts supply of this "everyday hero". With spare parts in original Volkswagen quality. So that your Touran remains an original.

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Discover the right original Volkswagen Classic Parts for your model: searching for the Touran and other modern classics is particularly easy using your vehicle identification number. Based on the data we have stored, the spare parts that are right for your vehicle are displayed automatically. Try it out now and find the right products for your Volkswagen: