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More than just spare parts: our services for your classic car.

At Volkswagen Classic Parts, we have stood for the highest product quality and expert advice for 25 years, but our range has long since gone beyond pure spare parts sales. From key rings to "birth certificates" for your classic Volkswagen, we now have much more than just spare parts in our product portfolio. 

The Volkswagen Certificate

Many generations. One original. The Volkswagen certificate and data sheet.

Do you know the exact production date of your classic car? Do you know which extras were installed ex works? With the Volkswagen certificate and the Volkswagen data sheet, we can provide the answers to these questions. And much more information that you need for a faithful restoration or the (re-)registration of your classic. Since 2019 we have made thousands of owners happy with our "birth certificates".

Our experts use your vehicle data to search the Volkswagen archives: equipment variant, engine and transmission combination, paintwork, interior fittings, production and delivery dates, place of delivery and country of destination. Last but not least, the Volkswagen certificate also contains the optional equipment with which the vehicle once rolled off the production line. By the way, this is not only for classic cars and modern classics, but also for more recent models, which were first registered at least 15 years ago!

Your key to happiness: the Volkswagen Classic Parts key service.

Original Volkswagen Fahrzeugschlüssel zum Fräsen

Who wants to take the risk of losing the last existing vehicle key? Or of starting their freshly restored classic with a worn key that does not correspond visually to the original? Our key service provides a remedy here: we not only have a large selection of original key blanks available from the split window Beetle to the Golf Mk3. With our computer-controlled precision milling machine, we can also manufacture almost all original Volkswagen ignition keys according to key code for you. Unlike the locksmith around the corner, we don't just copy a used key – we make your original vehicle key individually for you. That means that you can unlock, start and lock your Volkswagen as an original deserves.

Simply order the key you want via our contact form.

Classic Life and Style: fan articles from Volkswagen Classic Parts.


Which one of our products is not a spare part and yet almost everyone knows it? Of course, the dark blue fabric bag with the white original Volkswagen Classic Parts logo! Over the last 25 years we have distributed so many of them at VW meetings that it is now a classic in its own right. Proud fans have even made vests, pillowcases or blanket covers out of them.

But we also have numerous items for Volkswagen enthusiasts in stock – accessories for your classic or hobby workshop, as well as fan items for the Bus, GTI & Co. No wonder, because our team has been active in the Volkswagen scene for decades and knows what people need and appreciate there. And that not only includes our spare parts (which, by the way, account for more than 99% of our stock), but also the right floor mats, light bulbs or first-aid kits for classic cars and modern classics. A whole lot of love and passion goes into our lifestyle products. From the tin sign for the garage wall to the fire basket for the garden to the beach towel for the holiday – there is something for every Volkswagen enthusiast. 

Have fun browsing through our range!


Discover our merchandising highlights: 

Do it yourself: the Volkswagen Classic Parts spare part catalogues.

Volkswagen Classic Parts - Reparaturleitfäden

For anyone who does not want to give up their classic car, we offer valuable help with screw driving with our digital spare part catalogues. Here, you can find useful information on the maintenance, repair and restoration of your classic. 

Drop by and take a look!