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25 years of Golf Mk4.

Even after 25 years, it is not yesterday's car: the Golf for generations

Whether it is an inexpensive beginner's car, a reliable second car or a well-maintained vehicle for generations – the Golf Mk4 is one for everyone. Since 1997, it has become an integral part of our streetscape. As the fourth generation Golf, it set new standards in its class at the time:

Our spare parts highlights of 25 years of Golf 4.

Wide range of engines

V5 and V6 4MOTION for maximum driving pleasure, innovative FSI engines with petrol direct injection and the economical TDI, which has proven itself to be a true endurance runner.

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High quality standards

Minimal gap dimensions in a fully galvanised body, as well as a dignified appearance for the interior.


Comprehensive safety package

Standard front and side air bags, ABS with disc brakes and later even ESP ex works.

Our spare parts highlights of 25 years of Golf 4.

It runs and runs and runs …

... and not just as a beloved modern classic, but still in everyday use. The fact that the Golf Mk4 came on the market a quarter of a century ago (!) is barely noticeable in the numerous well-kept specimens. For us, this is the proof: quality simply drives the longest. And that is why we handle the spare parts supply for this perennial favourite. In original quality, of course. So that the Golf Mk4 can remain a classic for a long time to come. 

Our spare parts highlights for the Golf Mk4:

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The Golf Mk4 has inspired generations. And it has been doing so for 25 years. We are celebrating the anniversary: with our spare parts in original quality. So that the Golf remains an original.