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The Classic Fan Day 2022

The starting point: summer moments and a competition to celebrate our anniversary

We at Volkswagen Classic Parts are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year – and, above all, we want to celebrate it with our fans! Because the way that classic cars and modern classics connect people has inspired us again and again over the past 25 years. This gave rise to the idea for a "summer special" and the search for the most beautiful summer moments of our fans with their Volkswagen classics. The response from the community was overwhelming: over 100 stories and photos shared, from trips to the North Cape to the wedding van, provided a smile or, sometimes, even goose bumps.

We wonder whether the large turnout was only due to the prize draw and the attractive main prize? After all, ten VIP tickets for an exclusive fan day with a look behind the scenes of Volkswagen Classic Parts beckoned. So, we let the draw decide and notified our lucky winners. For them, it was the opportunity to experience new great moments with their Volkswagen classics and for us, it was a première in the company's history...

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The preparation: from the idea to the première

In addition to the lucky winners, our team was also excited and full of anticipation. After all, this exclusive fan day was going to be our first "own" event in a long time. And not in Wolfsburg, but in our logistics centre in Breuna. The central warehouse of Volkswagen Classic Parts has been located there, near Kassel on the A44 autobahn, since 2017.

To give our fans an unforgettable day, we spent months within the team coordinating all of the details of the location, the plan of events for the day and the highlights. We were supported by Volkswagen Classic and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Oldtimer with remarkable exhibition vehicles from the Beetle to the T4. We provided beach chairs, flags, banners and so on as a welcome and, of course, put together small surprise packages for our winners. That meant that the anticipation became greater and greater.

On 24 September the time had finally come and we were able to welcome our fans. To the delight of our entire team, most of them even arrived with their own classic Volkswagens and were greeted by bright sunshine – a great start to our fan day! After the arrival, the chance to get to know each other and the first petrol talks, the official part of the day could begin.

The prelude: we are living (and reviving) the tradition

And where does an anniversary celebration usually begin? Exactly, with a review of the company's history. Instead of lengthy data and facts, however, our fan day offered an entertaining look at the photo album with a few anecdotes from our first 25 years. This was followed by exciting background information about our product range and our new productions.

Did you know, for example, ...

  • ... that the nucleus of Volkswagen Classic Parts is, in essence, in Lebanon?
  • ... that, at times, the halls of a former nursery and a former bowling centre served as a temporary warehouse for our spare parts?
  • ... that we produce an average of around 250 new productions per year?
  • ... or that about five completely new tools are built every year for the production of spare parts that are no longer available?

Our winners were amazed at these insights and we were also able to answer many interested questions from the audience in a family atmosphere. What we could not leave out: a first presentation of our special new productions, as well as projects, some of which have never become reality, or completely new spare parts that are available (again).

The visit: a tour through the "parts paradise"

After the lunch break with a joint barbecue, the focus finally shifted to the products around which much, but not everything, revolves for us: our spare parts. It goes without saying that the tour of our logistics centre, with tens of thousands of spare parts, should be the highlight of the day – because our approximately 25,000 m² warehouse is not open to the public otherwise. For the first time, we have opened our "holy halls" to the winners of the #vwclassicsummer campaign. Equipped with safety shoes, safety vests and astonished eyes, together we explored the seemingly endless aisles and shelves of the warehouses, the multi-storey small parts plant, with its countless compartments and boxes, as well as the shipping department, where the finished picked packages and pallets are prepared for shipment all over the world.

Also, we had set up some "theme islands", with spare parts hits from 25 years of Volkswagen Classic Parts, and presented suitable products that were tailored to the interests of our winners. Because you can hardly grasp what treasures our warehouse has to offer in the face of several thousand metres of shelves. And also the range of the assortment, from a small clip to a huge bodyshell, sometimes left the participants speechless. For example, who would expect a complete New Beetle RSi body, a complete Passat B5 passenger seat, a Touareg V8 rear muffler or an instrument cluster for the Phaeton W12 in our range?

During the warehouse tour, it was especially nice to see how the winners went into the exchange: spare parts were discovered, boxes and aisles were explored and it turned out that our fans are also real experts in Volkswagen Classic Parts – from the Golf Fire and Ice door panel to the Polo Mk1 door to the Jetta Mk2 side panel, many products were correctly recognised and categorised at first glance. And even better: further projects have been planned based around the beloved classics with much anticipation. In exchange with our experts, concrete spare parts have been evaluated, possibilities for extensions and conversions have been discussed and even the acquisition of further classics has been flirted with.


The conclusion: love goes through the car

After a successful reconnaissance of the warehouse, we left the hall back and headed back into the daylight. We gradually let the day come to an end together with coffee and cake. The classic cars and modern classics that were on show and, last but not least, the vehicles of our winners formed the perfect setting for extensive petrol discussions between the participants. When can you ever take a look at a Corrado 16V G60 in the flesh or be chauffeured in a White Rabbit GTI, a Golf Mk1 widebody? It was an absolutely atmospheric conclusion to a successful day all-round – it was a successful première and a repeat in 2023 has not been ruled out!


Thank you for 25 years of Volkswagen Classic Parts!

After the fan day and at the end of our anniversary year, we can only thank our great community! The shared fascination for classic cars and modern classics directly created a family atmosphere, so that we were able to experience an unforgettable day together. And we will also have positive memories of the entire anniversary year.

We have been here for our fans for 25 years. That was a hell of a time and we are looking forward to the next years and decades. For us, a classic Volkswagen is not just a vehicle. It is a car with a soul. One that deserves our full attention and passionate devotion. We want to say thank you that this passion has united us for 25 years.