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The Citi Golf from South Africa

Volkswagen have been produced in South Africa since 1951. It all started with the Beetle, of course, but the Volkswagen plant in Uitenhage became world-famous primarily for the Golf. To be more precise, the Golf Mk1, which remained in production there for more than 31 years from 1978. How was that possible?

Volkswagen Classic Parts - Der Citi Golf aus Südafrika

The answer is simple: the South Africans simply never stopped buying it! This is how the Golf Mk1 outlived its successors of the second, third, fourth and fifth generation. And this is how it came: 1984 saw the market launch of the Golf Mk2, called "Jumbo Golf" in South Africa. The new Golf was significantly more modern, larger and more comfortable than its predecessor - but also more expensive. Possibly too expensive for the entry level segment, which is extremely important in Africa. Volkswagen South Africa therefore decided to simply continue building the Golf Mk1 in parallel with its successor using the existing production facilities. However, under a new name and with a new objective: the car now called the Citi Golf was revised to attract primarily young buyers and bind them to the Volkswagen brand. Fresh, bright colours (red, yellow and blue) combined with white contrasts on the rims, trim, tailgate and bumpers gave the "old" Golf a new look. With the help of an advertising campaign that is still legendary in South Africa today, it was possible to position the Citi Golf as a clever alternative: a chic, affordable, "cool" car that is also a reliable partner.

It sounds almost like a fairytale, but the idea worked perfectly. The Citi rushed from one sales record to the next and the "new life" of the Golf Mk1 lasted well into the 21st century. It wasn't until August 21st, 2009, that the last one came off the production line - an incredible 26 years after the end of production in Germany! Today, ten years later, thousands of Citi Golf still run and run in South Africa, as our photo shows. The Golf Mk1 has become an icon there as well as in Germany and many other countries of the world.

Its fans know: The "Einser" as we call it in Germany can never be replaced, but you still can replace most parts if you need to. Volkswagen Classic Parts makes it possible: Together with Volkswagen de México we not only produce new Beetle body parts or bring T2 Kombi parts from Volkswagen do Brasil to Europe - soon we will also be offering numerous Golf Mk1 parts from the warehouses of Volkswagen South Africa! So that your classic car remains an original.

The products from South Africa are expected to arrive in late summer and autumn 2019. Some of them are only available in limited quantities. If you don't want to miss their arrival, please subscribe directly for the Volkswagen Classic Parts Newsletter!