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Our Summer Specials:

With Cabriolet, Camper and co. throughout the late summer.

We are enjoying late summer time and are looking forward to sunny drives and long summer nights. Whether camping in your California or heading to the ice cream parlour in your Golf 1 Cabriolet – summer moments with beloved classics are always something very special.

Just relax and enjoy the summer time, as we have a lot of Original Volkswagen Classic Parts in stock for your classics. With the experience of 25 summers, we are celebrating our Summer Specials in our anniversary year 2022.

Discover the summery world of cabriolet and camping classics by Volkswagen now!

At its première in 1979 the Golf Cabriolet was met with scepticism, but it soon became clear: the open-air Golf is a true (summer) classic and its German nickname “Erdbeerkörbchen” (strawberry punnet) no longer insulting, but loving! The convertible has always had all the qualities of the "normal" Golf – with an unbeatable advantage, especially in summer: usually a stop at a traffic light is enough time to switch from its closed state to sunshine mode.
The original model based on the Golf Mk1 offers real classic car charm, although the last models only came off the production line in 1993. Thanks to these fabulous 14 years of manufacture, there is still enough choice today, but there are also real rarities – such as the numerous special models that were created in limited quantities. Today, the most coveted include the Classic Line, Sportline, Etienne Aigner and Genesis. 

Open to rays of hope -
with Original Volkswagen Classic Parts.

The Golf Mk3 convertible continued this tradition from 1993 and also retained the characteristic roll bar. Special editions, such as the Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones Collection and Bon Jovi, rocked the summer of the 90s. The 1998 facelift visually resembled the Golf Mk4, but the technical basis remained the Mk3. Thanks to its safety features (ABS and air bags as standard since 1993, later also side air bags and ESP) and comfort extras, such as an electric roof, seat heating or air conditioning, these models are still suitable for everyday use.
It is not for nothing that the open Golf is one of the most successful convertibles in the world – and one of the most popular classics from Volkswagen. We at Volkswagen Classic Parts can supply the right spare parts for them. We even have especially popular parts, such as front fenders that have been newly manufactured on original tools – so that the open-air Golf will not be outdated in the future.

Freedom for four wheels -
with Original Volkswagen Classic Parts.

Travelling the world in a camper van, tasting freedom and experiencing adventures – that's what the hippies dreamed of. Boosted by the coronavirus pandemic, the old dream is more relevant than ever: camping and van life are all the rage. And old Volkswagen campers are still popular travel companions.
The hippies from back then have long since retired, their Type 2s have become rare collector's items and are only used for camping at classic car meetings. Today's campers rely on the Volkswagen T3 and, especially, the T4 Bus, which offers noticeably more comfort, especially on long-haul routes. And more space, because especially in the rear, where the engine of the T3 still took up a lot of space, there is significantly more space available in the successor with its front engine.

Whether as a California, a Multivan or even a camper converted Caravelle or Transporter, since 1990 the Volkswagen T4 has been an integral part of any camping site or stretch of coast.
In order to make upcoming jaunts and trips in the summer with the classic VW Camper unforgettable, in addition to body and wear parts, we even offer special camping equipment, such as mosquito nets, curtains or tables in our range.