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filler plate

filler plate

filler plate
filler plate
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filler plate

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The original Volkswagen exploded schematics are now also available in our new Classic Parts online-shop. You will find them by selecting your model. You can do this by using the vehicle search to restrict the model / model generation / model year / specification. You can find Volkswagen models made after 1998 by using the VIN. If you open the product detail page of a spare part, the button “to the plate” will be displayed under “model” / catalog assignment”. By clicking that button, it will take you directly to the appropriate exploded schematic for your Volkswagen.

Model Model year starting from Model year to
T3 1980 1992
T3 (South Africa) 1988 1992
T3 syncro 1985 1992

Product details:

Product quality
Length 250 mm
Width 100 mm
Height 22 mm
Spare part number 245813394
Weight 0.125 KG

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Shipping Category: Package

The delivery time is approx 4-10 working days.